Friday, 15 April 2011

Captain Gerek in Taros Assault Vehicle

I'd like you to meet Captain Gerek! This is the special charicter that i was talking about for Blog Wars. Yes, i am taking the Elysians, it was pretty obvious!

Captain Gerek was in command of Dagger Force during the raid on Kastorell-Novem, and acted as a screening force to prevent Ork reinforcements from reaching the main drop zones. He only has one special rule: Command and Control. This enables him to re-roll one failed reserve roll per turn. Basically hes an over-priced, and much poorer version of an Astropath!

As for the painting side of things; it was pretty stright forward. The camo scheme was done to match the Vulture Gunships, as its an army favorite. As a Captian, his ride had to be a bit more interesting than plain tan!

The troopers themselves are painted like the rest, except the armour highlights are a bit more subtle. On this model all you'd see is the hightlights, as everything else is so dirty and muted. Add in LOTS of MIG weathering powder to the wheels and tread plates and its done! The only drawback with this mini, is that it was a PAIN to put together. The instructions were really poor, and the pieces were really fiddily, even for Forgeworld!

So thats me ready for Blog Wars......oh, appart from the Valkyrie that i knocked off the top of the display cabinet this moring - it needs a lot of TLC!

On the table at the moment is a Dark Eldar Raider! Yes, im finally getting back into the DE! I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon assembling another squad of Trueborn, so it'll get painted over the weekend with any luck! Thats if my hands ever stop bleeding! Dam, those Raider kits have got more pointy bits than a Tyranid Trygon!! Its a great kit though.

Hopefully this marks the begining of the new Cabal proper. Im aiming to get this army knocked out pretty sharpish, a month or two prahaps. Providing theres no more hobby distractions, namely Forgeworld Releases!

The GunGrave


  1. Awesome paint job on that Buggy!

  2. Cheers mate! I'd love to get a few more of these minis, they look great!

  3. When do you paint all that stuff mate, your output is nothing sort of amazing. Great work again!

  4. He he he, yeah i do paint pretty quickly! I just pick away at it after work! I usually get an hour or two before Mrs GunGrave gets home from work, so the bulk of it is done then!

  5. That buggy is sweet.
    I like your weathering too.
    is it good in game?

  6. Im not sure mate, Blog Wars will be its first outing! It allows one failed reserve roll to be re-rolled per turn. Its a AV10/10/10 and has a Heavy 2 Grenade Launcher. Its also a Fast Vehicle. I think i'll be trying to keep him out of trouble for most of the games!

    The only real reason im taking him is to fulfull the Special Character requirement for the tournament.

  7. I'm not entirely sure if the elysians are permitted at the tournament unless you have contacted them and asked.

    I could only see codex guard on the list. So it might be worth checking first

  8. I did, and I can't find IA lists in the list of acceptable codex's.

    Thats why I would check:

  9. Apologies, hes removed the referance to IA, as im now not going. He said yes at fisrt, but a load of whinney little bitches started complaining, and we tried to work it out. He eventually decided that he didnt like the Vultures, so that's that.

    Proper fucked off.....

  10. buggery. People can get a bit iffy about IA lists