Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dear Diary - JACKPOT!

Today i went to see one of my Patients Son after work (i say Son, but he could be my Dad at a push!) He said that he had a load of GW stuff that he wanted to get rid of because he's sadly jacking in the hobby.  So i went to have a look and this is what he presented me:

Its a literature motherload! About 50% of it is old stuff, but the other 50% is good up-to-date stuff! How much? Not a penny! He didn't want any money, and even rejected my idea of selling it on eBay for himself. He just wanted to get rid.

It gets better. When i get back from my trip down south to see my family, they'll be more waiting for me, and this time, MINI's (unopened AND used)!

"How much is a lot?" i said
You'll fill up the boot of your car" he said.

I drive a Ford Focus (as does he) and it has a pretty sizable boot! ('Trunk' for my American cousins!) That's a lot of GW hardware!

A big thank you to Mr Owen - i owe you a drink mate!

Now I can't wait to get back from Exeter.....

The GunGrave


  1. Sounds like an early Christmas! I can't wait to see the rest of your loot!

  2. I appreciate the boot-trunk clarification, I was trying to figure out what the boot of a car was, and why none of mine had one. :)

  3. What are you talking about... my american car has a boot, it is what they use to move... whats wrong with your car Boxer if it doesnt have one... better get it checked out! LOL

    GunGrave, you are one lucky dude, if you find any DKK models you arent interested in feel free to send them to America for me... you know I wont mind

  4. You guys are right, i am one lucky Mo' Fo'!

    I've always believed that its not what you know, its WHO you know! LOL! Its so true!

  5. Wow man. Why do some people have all the luck. Never know someone one day will give me a load of Praetorian stuff for free (here's dreaming). You are one lucky dude and enjoy the gifts you are given.

  6. Wow, that's so awesome!
    Do you know what armies he is giving you minis for?

  7. I think its mainly Space Marine stuff, but he said theres a lot of old edition stuff in there to!

  8. Can't believe all this. Sounds just too amazing to be true!

  9. You lucky git. That's what I call a result! Now how are things in Wales dude?

  10. Good at the mo, thanks! its good to hear from you. I trust things are well!