Friday, 1 April 2011

Death Korps Armoured Fist Squads

Its been as very slow week for hobbying, as Ive restarted work after a few weeks off. As a result I'm knackered!! I decided to pick up the paint brush again today and get those Chimeras done.

It didn't take me long, so here they are!

Here they are with their respective infantry squads:

I've got 2 more Chimeras to do and then the Armoured Company is complete and ready to play! I've ordered some more Forgeworld yesterday which included the 2 Autocannon turrets i need for the other Chimeras, which i hope will be here Monday/Tuesday. Then its onto darker projects, of a pointy eared variety!

The GunGrave


  1. Knackered? Anyways, they're looking great! I love the dust and dirt on the tracks, and the color of the Chimeras compliments that nicely as well.
    Good stuff!

  2. I like!
    Is the new chimera turret taller than the old one?

  3. Yeah, its taller and boxy-er. The whole vehicles smaller by a few mm, width and height, which is dissapointing. I liked the squad,flat look of the old Chimeras. These ones are so much easier to put together though.

    @Granesh - he he he Knackered is British slang for Very Tired!

  4. They look great. Do you use an air gun to paint your vehicles? I agree with you I like the old ones better. It will be interesting to see if the Forgeworld bits fit on the new turrets.

  5. @ Dave - Thanks. Yeah i use an airbrush for the camo stripes and the mud on the tracks, and Army Painter Uniform Grey for the basecoat. Saves me SOOOO much time! Im confident that the turrets will fit, as they made the turrets of the Leman Russ fit the new plastic kits - i assume they'll do the same for these.

  6. Cool, I have never plucked up the courage to buy one not sure if I would be that good at using one. So at the moment I do mine the old way with a brush. But I really do like your stuff you have areally good technique.

  7. For me an Airbrush is a hobbby Must-Have! They are expensive (i spent £70 on my Iwata recently) but the quality really speaks for itself. Id gone through 3 cheap airbrushes before getting this one, as they kept on dying on me and clogging up. Now i have no problems.

    They are a bit difficult to use at first, but a few hours of experimenting and practice is all thats needed before having a go on your minis. Theres also plenty of vids on YouTube about them, which is where i learned most of the stuff i do today!

    A worthwhile investment id say! Bite the bullet, go and grab yourself one and get experimenting!