Sunday, 12 September 2010

Imperial Armour - Krieg Stylee!

After bagging those 3 Russ off eBay, i got back to thinking about my armoured regiment.

The new tanks are pretty much finished now, with only a few minor details to add. Just before i started weathering them, i noticed that the old tanks weren't up to date with the latest weathering techniques I'm using, so they got updated as well!

These guys will also form my Krieg Tank Company, White Company. The Krieg are very dull and unimaginative when it comes to names and designations (their guardsmen have numbers instead of names!) So ill be following along the same lines for the tanks to. Each tanks will be numbered 1-10 and a squadron marking (1-3) will also be added. I'll think of something a little more imaginative for the Company Command Tank but that will come later.

The tanks of the Armoured Regiment List
Squadron 1 - Annihilator and two Demolisher's
Squadron 2 - Annihilator and two Russ
Company Command Tank


  1. Great job. I really like the look of the whole army. Question, how did you do the mud on your infantry bases?

  2. Mud is the same as on the tanks. Its Hornby Railway sawdust mixed with a load of PVA glue. Dead easy! Then i just used an airbrush to apply Beatial Brown over it.

    With the infantry bases i washed it with Devlam Mud/Badab Black afterwards (cant remember which!)

  3. Tanks Tanks Tanks!!!They look mean without the side guns!Good call.I have a few like that my self.