Sunday, 19 September 2010

Completed Quatermaster

After being pushed back to make way for other projects, these guys are now done. Thanks f or everyones input on the colour schemes! As you can see, i went for red robes for the servitors. My only concern with doing that was that they would look to much like Mechanicus! I was sure to darken the red quite severely in order to fit in with the dark misery of the Krieg!

As for the Quartermaster himself - well i didn't acknowledge how nice this model was until i saw him complete! Definitely one of my favorite in the army!

Well, whats next? The purchase of another lascannon squad and a Medusa Siege gun methinks! That would then complete the army list for now. I'll also be looking to purchase the final 3 Leman Russ for my Armoured Company and the 3 Chimeras for the Armoured Regiment list, but they'll come second to the above!

1 comment:

  1. Love this squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The red looks awesome and the quatermaster paint job kills!