Friday 5 June 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Archmagos

Another dusty model has been pulled off the 'to-do' shelf recently, this time its an Archmagos. I decided to get this guy done, as i need more Cortex Controllers to command all the automata I've got on the table!

Its definitely a quirky model, full of detail, and very John Blanche-esque! Fun to paint as well. no WIP shots as it didn't take me long to get done. 

As with most of the Mechanicus, he won;t be winning any beauty contests any time soon!

Power core - the same ones used on the Myrmidon Destructors (does my core look big in this...?)

Irad Cleanser. This weapon comes as standard on the model, but it would've been nice if it came with a few more options. I am a fan of the Rad Phage rule, so i guess it isn't all that bad!

This little thing sticking out the side of the carapace is a Volkite Serpenta.

I always was a fan of the Mechanicum carapace's, so i was pleased to see this model had one. helps to maintain that strong visual link.

It gets creepier when you look under the carapace. Its full of sensory equipment and a tonne of skulls!

The GunGrave


  1. those skulls are creepy as hell! Your Magos looks great though! I was really hoping that when GW did the AdMech book they would include some of these great FW models along with the new plastics.

  2. Fantastic work, man - that really turned out looking great!

  3. Thanks all. The only thing that bugs me about the model is the claw! It's just so bloody big! Totally creepy though, suppose it lends to the look! Would love to add some of the new plastics to the 30K Mechanicum force.