Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Heresy Era Death Guard: Sicarian Battle Tank

Time for a change of pace now. I've painted so much Mechanicum recently i swear i can taste engine oil in my mouth!! So as usually, i reached up to the 'To-Do' shelf and grabbed a model. It was time for some reinforcements for the Death Guard in the form of a Sicarian Battle Tank. 

I got two of these assembled some time ago,, so it was high time they were painted.. I started off with this one, and the second is already prepped and ready for painting. 

The accelerator Autocannons. A potent weapon great at taking out light armour and pulping infantry.

I armed my Sicarian with Lascannon sponsons for some extra punch. I have magnetised them just in case i don't have the points to spare in a game. I'm really pleased with the heat distortion on these Lascannons.

After i finished the Sicarian i was kindda in the mood for some more death Guard. So i built and primed the final five Legionaries for my fore. This will take the number of standard Legionaries to an impressive 40!

More soon!

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