Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Sands of Istvaan 5 (3)

Its been a while since i did any work on this project, mainly as the campaign planning took a back seat for a while on the run up to Xmas and New Years. However, me and my buddies have revived it again and have been drumming up some interest for participation at our FLWGS, with about 8 interested players so far. The new start date for this campaign is now March 2015, so i decided it was time to crack on with the terrain!

Last post i had just completed these bastions. now they've had a lick of paint, but are still work In progress. The bastions and the rocks were given a coat of Army Painters Chaotic Red. I'm going to leave it at that in terms of the red, i quite like the look of them!

Some access hatches will be added to the roofs.

Heres the rocks - i dont think i'lll be making anymore of these for this terrain set, as the covering was sufficient for a 6x4.

A mate of mine alos has a FW Predator Executioner that was ruined during the build (long story) which he has donated to the project as a wrecked vehicle!

More soon.

The GunGrave

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