Friday, 6 February 2015

Apocalypse Terrain - Star Scrappers! (1)

Its been a long time since i created an Apocalypse Terrain piece (about May last year i think with Imperator Bridge) As usual, the prospect of another upcoming Apocalypse game gets the creative juices flowing, so i resurrected an old idea i had a few years ago - Star Scrappers! not just one, but two, connected by a Skyway.

Now, it goes without saying that the actual build won't truly represent the name, but i hope the scale of the terrain will be impressive enough.

As with any ambitious terrain project, a degree of forward planning was required. I measured and sketched out the dimensions of the towers onto the bases. These are cut from MDF, and will be removable from the towers themselves for easier transportation and storage.

The main body of the towers will be 6mm MDF. Originally i was going to build the towers from GW building panels, supported by nothing else but each other! This would've created imperfections in the build, and it'll more than likely end up wonky! The MDF will be clad in GW panels and hopefully give me a tower with nice straight  sides.

The first tower with the sides assembled.

The sides are supported by pine strip wood, making the towers very stable.

There's a 6mm recess in the top of the towers so i can sink a roof into it.

Finally a scale shot! That's a Mechanicum Thallax on the base!

I've got until may to get this project finished so i'll casually plod along with this one.

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  1. wow, that will be a lot of panels! Should be pretty imposing on the table top.

    Although... it would be interesting to have standing, and the other fallen down... makes it more useful for regular 40k, and then you would be able to use all those broken/damaged panels.