Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Heresy Era Death guard: Storm Eagle WIP

With the completion of Moritarion i suddenly found myself with a lack of suitable transport. Typhon and his Deathshroud already ride in the Spartan, and I'm not in the position to buy another (to much money spent on Mechanicum!) Then my eyes strayed to the poor Storm Eagle that i rescued from an incompetent modeller over a year ago!

This guy was in a hell of a state when i bought him, poorly prepared and even more poorly assembled! I bought him off a guy at my FLWGS for half the retain price as he was desperate to buy something else (Dropzone Commander i think)

I haven't managed to restore him to his full glory, but after pulling it apart and repairing as much as i could, he looks better than he did. I hoping that a decent paint job will hide the worst of it!

Anyhooo, this is where I'm at right now. Either Typon or Morty will ride in this along with a handful of accompanying Deathshroud.

More on this soon..

The GunGrave


  1. Looking good so far! I still have nightmares about assembling the Storm Eagle I'd done for some World Eaters a while ago. That kit was a nightmare!

    Really dig how it's coming along!

    1. Cheers Mordian. I've heard a few people say that, but my Fire Raptor went together a dream! Prahaps it's just the Storm Eagle. Either way this build was trouble from the start!!