Monday, 6 February 2012

Necron Overlord Complete

This is the final infantry unit for the Necrons - the Overlord!

The scheme is very straight forward, the gold being the only real colour that makes him look more important! I'm happy with this though, as the rest of the army's colour schemes are equally simple!

The Warscythe. I applied the same glowing effect to the blade as i did on the Crypteks using Dark Angles Green and Emerald Green, applied with an airbrush.

The same glowing colours were applied to the Orbs and most importantly, the Resurrection Orb.

Finally, the Overlords cape. Now, i had a real dilemma painting this! I got as far as shown below and felt that it didn't need anything more; it felt 'finished'. But its so plain, so basic, almost to much so! I decided to go with my gut and leave it alone!

Theres only 3 more units to do for this army: a Doomsday Ark, a Monolith, and the unreleased Night Scythe. But alas, a long weekend on the lash with some old school buddies in 2 weeks means these things will have to wait until March! Until then its Krieg all the way!

The GunGrave


  1. Cloak looks fine as is - subtle to go with the rest of his scheme. Very cool mate.

  2. I agree with Deadestdai, the cloak looks fine as is.

    And that its very cool, of course.

  3. LOL, cheers guys! I was worried that i was just being really lazy!!