Friday, 3 February 2012

A Guardsmans Guide to Glory's Birthday!

Well, where did that last year go?? Another year in blogging has flown by, and in hobbying terms, it was even better than last year!

This post will showcase the 5 most popular posts of 2011 from AGGTG.

No surprise here! With the explosion of Tyranids back in 2010 people were clamouring over anything that told you how to make a 'Spore (myself included!) With no news on GW releasing a 'Spore of their own, i won't be surprised to see this on the list again next February!

I didn't consider this little project a success, and have since abandoned it as a painting option (for the time being anyway!) However, i did learn a lot about wet blending in the process!

A big Codex for 2011, I'm guessing that this post popped up in a lot of search engine results over the last year! Looking back, it was a pretty shit list! Make what you will of it!

Unfortunately this post didn't coincide with my White Balance photography tutorial! If it had, then the dam pictures would have been better! This is one of my favourite armies in my collection, and probably the most used on the tabletop!

Probably the most successful army I've run to date, this armies worst result on the table was a draw! I found this a really fun list, to paint and to play!

That's 2011 done! 2012 promises to be another big year for my hobby, but I'm guessing its going to be more to do with terrain than miniatures. Although i am looking forward to the supposed Chaos Legions release this year, I'm not really gearing up for another army build, mainly because I'd have to sell an army to make space for a new one!!

Here's to the next 12 months!

The GunGrave


  1. Congrats! I have really enjoyed your posts over the last several years - here's to a great 2012 as well!

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday! also, your top 5 show exactly how high quality your posts here are! consistently good reads! Please keep up the great work!, look forward to seeing more of your hobby!!!

  3. Here's to another 12 month's service to the Emperor!

  4. Congrats on two years and here's to plenty more!
    Ron, From the Warp

  5. Congratulations on 2 years in the blogosphere! Looking forward to what you have planned for the next year.

  6. Many congrats, matey, and thanks for all the great posts!

    Why not take this golden opportunity to re-shoot the pics of those marvellous Elysians?!

    - D.

  7. Thanks guys!

    @ Drax - thats not actually a bad idea! I might just go back and re-shoot all the armies that didnt have decent photos! Maybe i'll do a 'Showcase Week'....hummm.....