Friday, 9 December 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Sewage Works and Aqueduct Projects

These last 2 days I've been consumed by a flurry of terrain building in order to get ready for an Apocalypse game on Saturday! This meant moving on with the Aqueduct and Sewage Works projects.

I quickly finished the Pump Station i showed you on Tuesday. I literally slapped some basic colours on it, which only took me an hour or two. This is my general approach to terrain pieces - quick, easy, but catches the eye! We don't want our terrain pieces out shining our minis now do we!

Some Cog Mechanicum details.

Rust detailing. You can see here where the plaster-cast panels didn't fit together very well (hence my switch back to resin) Its these areas where i concentrated my weathering powders. Its not bad construction, just wear and tear.....sort of!

The roof. A small amount of weathering powders were applied to the vents and access hatches.

This brings the Sewage Works project to a potential close. I say potential because i was toying with the idea of making 'submerged' sewage processors out of the lids of the containers i used for the larger processors. I'll set it all up on Saturday and see if its enough to cover a 6x4ft area. Combined with the over-ground pipes I'll use for scatter terrain (see below) I'm confident it'll be enough.

Next up  is the long neglected Aqueduct Project! I've constructed another two 2ft straight sections for the project, giving me just under 7ft of Aqueduct in total!

And here it is assembled! It should look great on the gaming table! This completes this project, but i may add some curved sections in the future.

 (Tyranids and Tyrano-Cat for scale purposes only!)

Finally, the over ground pipes. I bought a set of these from Evil Mushroom Games a while back (here's the original post) and they've been sitting on my desk since then! While i was in the mood, i got them painted up! I have to say, they look great!

You can obviously assemble any number of configurations, and the pieces fit together well. Its these pipes that will compliment the Sewage Works, providing loads more cover. Once i set it all out, I'll decide if i need any more, and if i need to construct some 'submerged' processors.

Looking good there lads!

Phew! Think i need to go for a bracing walk and get some fresh air! To much time in a room with White Spirit and Araldite fumes!! I'll have some pictures of the Apoc' game up on Monday as well so you'll ge to see all this terrain in action!

The GunGrave


  1. Nice looking. I am sure that it will look fantastic when all the species are put together.

  2. Got the Apoc' game tomorrow, so i'll take a load of pictures and get them on the blog on monday!

  3. Great work, cant wait to see it all put together!

  4. Love the building, but the modular pipe works are amazing. Really adds a lot to the gaming table, not to mention, it will not get boring or static, as you can change it up as needed.