Monday, 19 September 2011

Vlka Fenryka - On the Table.....

Since returning from my annual leave and getting back into work, i haven't had much solid painting time lately. As a result I've contented myself with building my newly arrived units in front of the TV!

5 Man Wolf Guard Terminator Squad. These guys are primed and base coated in Space Wolf Grey and are awaiting painting. The dude on the far right will be the one carrying the Cyclone Missile Launcher, once i find the rest of the bits!! I've got all the bits bar the base of the launcher for one, and all bar the base and back of the launcher for the other! They must be in that dam bits box somewhere! The search continues.....!

Here are the four members of the second Wolf guard Terminator Squad. Theres only four because the fifth will be Arjac Rockfist, and he'll require some converting and a bit more attention. I'll do him separately.

Here you can see where I've extended the Chainfists on these Terminators. To me they always looked woefully short!! It's not a new idea, but its one i like. I used the ends of some Grey Hunter chainswords to extend the 'Fists.

Two Rhinos. These will carry the Grey Hunter Squads. I slapped some Forgeworld Doors on them as well to jazz them up a bit! An army in my collection just doesn't feel right unless its got some Forgeworld in it!

Finally, the second Drop Pod. This was a B****rd to assemble for some reason. I probably cocked up the build somewhere along the line, but hey-ho! Also shown here is  the first Drop Pod and the added detail of  a Forgeworld Space Wold Icon. The second Pod will bear similar icons as well.

So plenty to do over the next couple of weeks! I'm hoping to get this army done within 4 weeks so i can use it at Club in the run up to Xmas. An optimistic target (even for me!) but this will give me plenty of time to play test it for Blog Wars II at the beginning of December, should i decide to take the infamous Vlka Fenryka!

Until next winter.....

The GunGrave

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  1. I'm really loving how these guys are looking, great posing and some nice subtle little changes to each model, vehicles included. They are going to look fantastic on the table.

    Great work!