Tuesday, 16 August 2011

'Temple of the Emperor Acendant' Apocalypse Data Sheet

Last night i knocked out a quick data sheet for the Apocalypse Scale Cathedral I completed yesterday. Take a look and see what you guys think!

The GunGrave


  1. how about a rule stating that deaomons cannot deep strike within 18" of the Altar. i only say 18 because it seems fair in my head. you could even make the altar a AV10(?) structure and remove the rule if it is destroyed.

    i just feel that with a building that size you could have multiple special rules associated with different parts. perhaps have bells in the towers that rally units within earshot (maybe 24"?) on the one turn they are used.

  2. Nice ideas there! I'll give it some more thought and try and work a few more rules in there.

  3. Defend the sanctum: reroll LD test with 12" of building.
    Holy Ground: No Deamons can deep strike within the confines of the building.
    Fear his wrath: Deamons treat the building as dangerous and difficult terrain.
    Rally to me!: A unit in the bell tower may operate the Bell and rally broken units (even if below 50%) on a normal roll within 36".

  4. Those ideas are PERFECT! Cheers guys! I'll post an updated data sheet later