Monday, 15 August 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Gothic Cathedral Complete!

Its been a bit of a slog over the last month and a half, but now i am pleased to report that the Gothic Cathedral Project is now complete!

Font view

Rear view

Instead of blogging every little update over the last 2 weeks, i just decided to press on and get the thing completed. Here are a few of the last bits that were done to complete the project.

The Pews. They're in place and washed with oil paint which has given them a really good time-weathered look. I decided to make a barricade out of the pews near the entrance of the Cathedral. A hurried defence for some beleaguered defenders!

The Alter. This was made out of left over Balsa Wood. I made the simple shape, then got a shred of old t-shirt and cut it to shape. this was then soaked in PVA glue, draped over the alter, and left to dry overnight. A quick spray of Macherite Red and a few embellishments and its done! Quick and simple.

Purity Seals. Where the prayers of the faithful are left in hope of an answer. Simply made from green stuff and strips of paper, then washed with oil paint. A nice touch i thought!

Relic. I needed to find something to fill the space at the back of  the Cathedral, so a hanging Aquila Relic worked nicely. Excuse the picture - i had to shove the camera inside and try and take a picture blind! This was the best i could do! Its a bit small, but  i didn''t want to make a home-made large Aquila and risk it looking a bit shoddy.

Finally, the roof! The solid roof idea was abandoned some time ago, mainly due to the irregular shape of the walls. I figured a ruined roof would save time and hastle, and enhance the playability of the piece as a whole. I've gone for 2 large ruined sections and 2 small ruined sections. I installed a plasticard base onto some plastic T-Bar and then glued plasticard tiles too it. A quick coat of Charadon Granite and an oil paint wash and its done! The T-Bar was undercoated in Scorched Brown and then attacked with some rust coloured weathering power. Where there isn't any ruined roof sections, theres a rusty T-Bar instead!

So with all those bits in place, its DONE! As much as I've enjoyed this project, I'm glad its complete. Some things can really rumble on! So what now? Well, the Space Wolves project is still in its infancy and needs a bit of attention. That will be my main priority for now. Saying that, I'll probably begin planning my next Apocalypse Terrain project: A Promethium Refinery! This project will be even larger than this one, covering a 12x6ft area!! More on that as it develops over the next few months!

The GunGrave


  1. Fantastic work, a real inspiration!

  2. Fantastic job mate, look's really amazing and I bet it would be a dream to play over, and would be really cool in some sort of diorama.

    Love it man well done.

  3. Enough to want me to return to Kaotica, just to see it...

  4. Absolutely spectacular! The little details really make the piece stand out, I love it!

  5. Love it!
    Great attention to detail and I really like how you did the altar.

  6. That looks amazing. Consider this idea officially stolen!

  7. Cheers guys, glad you like! It was a really great experience doing a project of this scale - very rewarding! Cant't wait to use it in the next Apoc' game! Just writting the Datasheet for it now.

  8. That looks like a lot of fun to play on. Have you used it in a battle yet?

  9. Fantastic detailing, wow! For such a huge model I can imagine that would be something easy to overlook.

  10. @ Drathmere - no i haven't used it in a game yet, but i hope to in the next few weeks of so.

    @ Everyone else - Yeah, as with all modeling, its probably the detailing that really makes a model. In a way i suppose the detailing is actually easier on a larger scale! Theres still a load of stuff that i couldn't get into this piece becuase of space constictions, like the balconies, colunms and staircases. I'll make sure they're all in the next Cathedral!

  11. That is PURE AWESOME SAUCE!!!

  12. DAT BUTT(resses)!!!

    Great Idea with the seating and altar.
    Your thinking beyond 'ruined gothic building' which is nice to see in scenery making :)

  13. Really, really amazing project. Inspiring.
    You must be thrilled to look at your completed work! You really pulled-it off.
    Well done, sir!

  14. aww man, i have a couple hundred guardsmen that mould die happy storming that beauty!

    very nice indeed, keep up the good work!


  15. I just came across your Gothic Cathedral and i have to admit i thought was Fantastic, i will have to show my friend what you have done, so he can get some ideas!