Friday, 22 May 2015

Maelstrom Objective Markers

So i thought it was high time i made myself some objectives. I was fed up of using colured stones and marking them with numbered dice!!

During a rummage around a long abandoned hobby shelf, i found 3 (what i assumed to be) old objective markers. I also found some VERY old Vostroyan casulty models. A little tarting up, and they would be perfect Maelstrom markers!

Getting the numbers onto the casulty models looked like it was going to be tricky, so a made some small numbered 'signs' for the casulty markers! Kinda reminds me of CSI or something!

The other 3 markers were easier to number, just a quick numbered tranfer and they were done.

This one didn't  get a numbered transfer. as 'V' is the roman numeral for 5, this Vostroyan V would serve nicely as a number 5.

Time to get them into a game!

The GunGrave


  1. Looking good. I made myself some objective markers to go with my guard army about 6 months ago. It makes a difference fighting over some proper objectives.

  2. Nice! It's great that you themed the makers with your army. The csi sign posts look great