Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Heresy Era Death Guard: FellBlade!

This poor guy has been staring me in the face for ages as he gathered dust on my 'To Do' shelf. I thought it was high  time to get him finished off!

This models journey has been.....traumatic. The build was a pain, so much so i wouldn't touch it for months. I had to be in a highly motivated mood to do any work on it. Overall this left me with quite a negative feel for the model...shame really, because now its don't i love it! I definitely won't be going in for another any time soon though!

The engines received the rust treatment.

The size of the main gun has to be seen to be believed! Its a monster!

The Lascannons got the heat distortion treatment.

Plenty of weathering on the tracks. I wrangled with quite a few different marking ideas for the FellBlade, but I'm happy with what i settled on. It needed a good splash of green to break up the bone shades.

The Death guard brass etch added a nice bit of detail to the tank.

finally here are some WIP shots i took along the way!

I'm keen to get this model on the table and blasting Loyalists soon!

The GunGrave


  1. The dusting overall, but in particular the rust effect on the engine stacks is brilliant.

  2. Great color and weathering. Stellar job!