Thursday, 3 July 2014

On The Table - Heresy Death Guard

So there's been a few new developments on the Heresy Death Guard front. The army is so close to completion, and these units bring it a big step forward.

First up - Deathshroud! I just love everything about these models, they just scream 'bad-ass'! I'd love to have a few more squads of them - maybe later... This unit is nearly done, with just some weathering and washes to go.

As i was rummaging through my hobby storage i found a couple of boxes of those old Urban Basing kits from a few years ago. They were perfect for jazzing up their bases.

I also got started on the penultimate squad of Legionaries. Only 5 more to go after this and that's 40 done and ready!

Lastly there's a Support Squad with Volkite Calivers. Will be parking these lads in some cover to wreak havoc on enemy infantry.

The only units i need after this are Calas Typhon and a Spartan. Save the best till last eh?

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