Tuesday, 19 November 2013

DIY Hyperios Missile Platforms Painted

The Missile Platforms are now ready for play testing now they are painted! Just a quick paintjob for these guys, with a scheme in keeping with the rest of the Death Guard army. 

I decided to keep the missile themselves white as opposed to the off white/brown od the rest of the platform. I'm not sure if i'm happy with that choice, but i'll run with it and see how I feel.

A scale shot with a Legionary:

During that painting session I also managed to get eh Fire Raptor Base painted.

That's all for now. Coming up, more Death Guard Legionnaires and Support Squads.

The GunGrave


  1. I like it! The pure white on the missiles works well in my opinion - excellent work, man!

  2. The pure white makes the missiles look new,which is fitting as they are expendables, while the mounts look like they have been around for a while. You could try some thin black lining on the missiles to give them some more depth to the white. Excellent work.

  3. These look quite nice!

    I'd agree that the missiles should look newer than the mounts. I might weather them a bit though... or blackline them as Agis mentioned. They may be expendables but they may have sat on a transport for the last 2 years gathering dust whilst heading to the front lines.

  4. Thanks guys. Think your right about the missiles, they need a little something to break up the white...I'll have to meditate on the matter!