Friday, 27 May 2011

Things are Starting to get (Super) Heavy!

I've got a long awaited Apocalypse game tomorrow, and to mark the occasion (and take a break from my Vostroyans) i decided to repaint one of the Krieg Baneblades. It now matches the rest of the Krieg armour!

Vehicle designation. Twenty-Third Company, First Vehicle.

Krieg Tank Commander:

I'll eventually get around to putting the Super Heavy Engine Filter Set from Forgeworld on this beast, as well as on the other vehicles of this company. With the price rises around the corner, I'm looking more at improving the existing forces that i have, and getting all those things that i always meant to do, done!

I'll be taking my camera to the Apocalypse game tomorrow, so I'll get some action shots up on here! Its been AGES since Praetorian walked, so I'm really looking forward to it! Along with the Reaver I'll also be fielding the Elysians and the Death Korps Armoured Regiment (making a modest 5,700pts!) With the Vostroyans and the Krieg Siege Regiment still undergoing repaint, i thought it best to leave them out of this one.

Pics tomorrow!

The GunGrave


  1. Very nice mate. Your output rate still remains unbelievable!

  2. Real nice mate, I like what you did with the tracks, looks great.

  3. Very nice paint job. Pretty good for a 're-spray'! :-)

  4. Cheers guys.

    Yeah building this kit is the most time consuming part, and that was already done. Painting it only took 2-3 hours of work really (and a lot of that was waiting for the oil paint+white spirit weathering mix to dry!) The bulk of this paint job is airbrushing the hull, and there are few other colours on it!

    Im looking forward to painting the other Super-Heavies for the Krieg!

  5. Hi, great tanks (and everything else)... I need to ask about the process(es) you go through when painting your vehicles!? Apart from my terrain project (blog) I have tons of tanks that need painting and I'm looking for the best methods to use. I've looked through the FW masterclass book and that is pretty helpful, but I could really use some first hand tips and advice.

    I Don't own an air brush, but plan on spraying all the models with an army painter coloured spray before (perhaps) giving them an all over wash with their quickshade... I might just feed this into recesses after I test it (waiting for delivery). I've also bought a weathering wash from Flory Models and wonder if you have ever used this?
    I talk too much... I think its a sympton of the fact that I type too fast...