Friday, 20 May 2011

BOOM, Headshot! Completed Vostroyan Snipers

In order to break up the monotony of painting infantry squads, i decided to repaint my beloved Snipers! These were among the first models that i ever bought for the Vostroyan army, way back when they were first released, and are probably my favorite!

These guys will be included in my Command Squad for the Exeter Inquisition tournament. Not because I'm hinging my whole strategy on them, but rather so i could include these cool minis in the army somewhere!!

I kept the bases quite dark for two reasons: firstly its moody! Very indicative of a dark, ruined, futuristic, Gothic city! Secondly, i didn't want to distract the viewers attention away from the minis themselves. As flashy as the Vostroyans are, i didn't want the scene to have so many colours that it looked like something out of a Slaaneshi house party!!

Now, less talk, more pictures!

Sniper 1:

Sniper 2:

Sniper 3:

Sniper 4:

There we have it, another squad of minis done! well, almost. I still need to touch up the Company Commander, but he needs very little work. Two more squads  after that, and I'm ready for the tournament! When they're all done, I'll be revisiting the Elysians for some last minute touch-ups and transfers to get ready for Blog Wars in two weeks! Phew!

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  1. Those guys are brilliant! Now I have to base and paint up mine!

  2. That first image makes it look like the sniper is flipping the bird, brilliant.

    Looking very very nice.

  3. Excellent and well done, they are all impressive. I really like the 4th one, 'death comes from the sewers'...

  4. does sniper actually up that high in terms of game?
    I like the sewer one a lot.

  5. Cheers guys! Glad you like!

    @ COTBT - as long as its mounted on a base no bigger than 40mm then your good.

    @ Tallarn - Yeah, im a big fan of the sewer one to! A moment of inspiration!

    @ Hudson - DO IT! Get them painted, its well worth the time and effort! Make sure they're on your blog when you do!!

  6. Very nice mate, I'll look forward to seeing them at the tournament.

  7. Are you attending Exeter Inquisition Corbane? I'll be taking the Elysisnas to Blog Wars

  8. Unfortunately not, a bit to far and the times clash with a family commitment. I'm using blog wars to break me in gently to the tournament scene.