Friday, 9 June 2017

Dropfleet - First UCM Cruiser Complete

After much highlighting and one repetitive strain injury (possibly related to painting...) the first Cruiser is complete! This is the light Cruiser configuration armed with a burnthrough laser (it does have a name but i forget!)

Tried to get some glowy bits in on the laser itself - this thing is  meant to be able to slice ships in half!

I drilled the engines on this cruiser and hit them with some blue and white to simulate engine glow. I quite like the effect!

Here's the family so far! As i write this I've noticed another Cruiser has got into the shot here which I thought I'd already photographed!! Consider this his official unveiling, so todays Cruiser is actually the second! I assembled that cruiser in the 'heavy' configuration, again i forget the name! Once i start playing I'll learn the names!

More Dropfleet soon!

The GunGrave


  1. Lovely work, man! I really dig how the fleet turned out!

  2. Engine glow really works.

  3. Wwwaaaaaaaaaah ! Just seen the post about the lack of traffic on the blog and then scrolled down to see that the DKK and Elysians have gone ! Heartbroken to have missed those. Oh well.

    1. Yeah sorry bud, they haven flown the nest! They've gone to a good home though, and I've already been emailed and told about their first victories!

  4. Cool models! Lovely looking paint job!

  5. Cheers all, they're a lot of fun to paint! Will be putting the Shaltari fleet together soon.