Monday, 12 December 2016

Infinity - Alpeh Sophotects with Netroids

Hi again! as promised i have a shed load of Infinity models to share with you. A lot of these have been done for a while, mainly in preparation for my first Infinity tournament that was back in September (more on that soon)

So first up in a long line of Infinity posts is my Sophotects. For me an 'auto include' model for any Vanilla Alpeh force due to her Doctor/Engineer abilities. She's also pretty fast!! I've also painted up the Netroids that came with the Sophotects set. I still have the 2 Yudbots to paint up.

So far she's been performing pretty well! I won't be dropping her anytime soon!.

The GunGrave


  1. Lovely paint job, but she seems to have both sets of cleavage on display!

  2. I like the purple accents on her and the cream-colored robes are nice.

  3. Thanks both - was definitely going for the purple cleavage look! ;-)

  4. She's a great specialist. Lols great in the flesh