Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Coils of the Hydra: Sicarian Battle Tank WIP

Following the successful completion of my first Alpha Legion Squad, i was keen to get a vehicle done to see if the scheme worked as well on tracked armor! 

This Sicarian was originally earmarked for my Heresy Death Guard. However, it was intercepted en route by a Alpha Legion task force and brought to the Legions forges for....reassignment!

The only criticism of my Alpha Legion scheme is the shading. While the watered down Asurman Blue did a good job of the shading on an infantry model, i wasn't so confident it would cut it on a larger piece. 

I have seen zenital highlighting/basecoating done before but i have never tried it. Seemed simple enough, so i decided to give it a go here. As i had already undercoated the Sicarian in white, i used an airbrush to apply some black to the areas i wanted a little darker. A little backwards, but i hoped the effect would be the same. 

I applied my transitional Teal paint with the airbrush and this was how it turned out. It is definitely darker where i applied the black, but perhaps a bit to dark... I do like it, but feel that if i had used a grey shade instead of black then the shading may have been a bit more subtle, and of course not quite as dark!

I will see this experiment through to the end and complete the tank, but i think i'll use a grey for the shaded areas next time and see how it looks. I'm still very happy with the transitional Teal paint, and i'm sure it will look even better once the blue wash is on.

More soon!

The GunGrave


  1. I think it looks great. I like the transition light to dark.

  2. I really like this -- I don't think the black is too dark. Perhaps it just needs to transition more steadily?

  3. Thanks both. Yes I agree, the transition does need to be smoother. I plan to do a Spartan for the Alpha Legion as well, so I think I'll undercoat in black, zenith base coat in white, then apply the teal paint. Hopefully that will give me better depth and a smoother transition