Thursday, 9 July 2015

Blessings of the Omnissiah: Avenger Strike Fighter 2 - WIP 1

So its time for a bit more air support for the Mechanicum (not that they need it much these days!) 1 Strike fighter just isn't cutting it, so i dug this guy out of the 'To-Do' box.

First things first, i had to add a splash of  Mech to the cockpit. The Mechanicum being the Mechnicum, uniformity isn't a top priority. So although I've based this Avenger's modified cockpit is based on the first one, its not the same. On this model i decided to save myself a bit  of work and actually incorporate the original cockpit canopy into the design. This saved me having to block out the space in plasticard and build on that.

As you can see, i used another 1:72 scale aircraft cockpit to create the cylinder shaped head the Mechanicum are fond of using. Adding a bunch of pipes helps to mech it up more.

I used some cables that were left over from Heresy Legion kits for the 'power source' at the rear of the aircraft.

I didn't bother modelling the definitive heavy stubber on the first Avenger, as the first design required me to remodel the cockpit in plasticard which was a pain. However, whist rummaging for some bits, i found a leftover main assembly for a heavy conversion beamer for a Legion Predator! This worked perfectly as a rear armament for the avenger, whilst maintaining the aesthetic! I do have one more so I'll be replicating this on the third Avenger.

Finally, i utilised some spare punisher Cannons to proxy as Autocannons. The autocannons i had in my bits collection all seemed a bit to small.. I didn't have any more Sentinel Autocannons which i used on the first aircraft so this was a great alternative. I also added some heavy bolter ammo magazines from unused sponson heavy bolters on legion vehicles. They were a perfect fit!

They are magnetised of course, and look much more bad ass than a regular aircraft autocannon

I'm looking forward to getting this guy painted up!

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  1. Fantastic work, man! Really digging the customized flyers you've done - very cool stuff!