Friday, 24 April 2015

Heresy Era Death Guard: Armoured Reinforcements

Something my death guard have really suffered from is a lack of armoured support. This is about to change very soon!

BOOM! Fellblade! The mother of all pain-in-the-arse tanks to put together in the history of table top wargaming! If the finished product wasn't so dam sexy, the thing would've gone in the bin half way through. I think we'll all agree, the problem with this style of chassis is.... all together now....THE TRACKS!!

Anyhoo, now the beast is assembled i gave it some extra special Death Guard treatment with some brass etch. The sponson laser destroyers are magnetised. He'll be moving up the painting que soon!

Waiting in the wings, some more armour! Two Sicarian Battle Tanks are patiently waiting for their paint jobs! I need to do a bit of filling on the rear of both tanks first, but that shouldn't take to long.

The Death Guard are about to pack a lot more punch!

The GunGrave


  1. Sweeeeeet. That really looks great man - I've heard that kit is a bear to build! Looking forward to seeing it and the Sicarans painted up - good stuff!

  2. Nice! All the 30k stuff is very tempting.

  3. Yeah the kit is awful to build! The Sicarians are so much easier with the solid track units, they should've done the same for the Fellblade!