Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blessings of the Omnissiah - Thanatar Siege Automata

Those of you who follow my Twitter feed would have seen a few WIP pics of this guy lately. This model was high on my 'wish list' as soon as I saw the pics someone snapped at Games Day before it was released! It was a must have for my Mechanicum army.

The base is done out in keeping with the rest of the Mechanicum army:

Thanatar's smart head (although leaning a little toward Lost in Space...)

The Plasma Mortar - a beast of a weapon, a total marine killer!

Tried a little OSL here for the Mortar but when i put the casing on it all became a little obscured. A bit of blue helps to break up all the red though.

Lastly, this Thanatar is a Beast! It completely dwarves anything else in the force so far! Funds permitting, I'd love to grab a couple more!


  1. Looks great, a model of restraint that makes the details pop. The shiny gold looks perfect next to the matte red.

  2. Thanks guys - definitely one of my favourites so far! Manages to get him in a game the other day, but he was blasted off the board before he could even fire a shot!!