Friday, 26 September 2014

Heresy Era Death guard - Calas Typhon Complete

Its been a few weeks since a post on here, mainly due to illness, but this week I've found some time to get old Calas completed. And man, does he look the business!

Now i don't know about you guys but i hate painting faces, mainly because im not very good at it! That being said i'm quire pleased with this one.

Went with a wood-like effect on the haft of Typhon's Manreaper. Very pleased with this effect.

I didn't go to mad on the scenic base, but there was a lot of nice detail there whihc i didn't want to neglect. I also didn't want it to stand out more than Typhon!!

Typhon with his Boys! These lads will be put in the Spartan to give my opponents a real headache.

Speaking of headaches, i did manage a 2K game with the Death Guard recently. I went up against my buddy Sam's Salamanders using the HH missions from the books which was fun! Sadly i lost out by 1VP....Next time sons of Vulkan!

Contemptor Mortis posing like a Boss!

Deathshroud doing what they do best! They wen on to destroy those 2 Predators on the right as well.

A great game, to be repeated soon i hope!

The GunGrave


  1. Gorgeous work, man! I've been itching to get my hands on a couple of the character models from FW even though I don't play those legions, and Typhon is at the top of the list. You've done an amazing job on him!

  2. Nice one mate - he's come up ace. I particularly like the subtle oxidation effect - not too over the top like you see on some models.