Friday, 15 August 2014

Death Guard in Spaceeeeeee!

Something a bit different today! Me and my buddies were talking 30K campaigns the other day (which we're hoping to run soon) when the conversation strayed to Battlefleet Gothic. We talked about how awesome it would be to resolve boarding actions with a Zone Mortalis game (which we're also looking to make a board for) The excitement quickly escalated and before you knew it, we were planing our fleets!

Now i've never played before, but i'm making my way through the rules. I also had a vague memory of some ships in my mountain of bits boxes. After a 30 minute rummage i came across these bad boys! I set about painting them up straight away.

Now i know these are 'Imperial' ships and not strictly speaking Death Guard, but i wanted them to look like they belonged to them, or were somehow associated. So the paint scheme is the same as my 30K army.

Now i don''t have much of an idea what these ships are (any help would be appreciated) but i think this one is a Destroyer/Escort:

I think that this one is a Cruiser:

I do know that THIS one is a Retribution Class Battleship! She's a beauty!

Once we all have our fleets assembled, we'll be using them in our 30K campaigns!

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  1. Oh fantastic!
    We've recently started talking about giving BFG a go with the group I game with, so seeing some ships is really nice. I never owned any of them, so if we do decide to it'll be a trip to eBay for me.
    Can't wait to see the Retribution Class Battleship painted, that's a beauty and there's no arguing.

  2. BFG is such a good game.
    Prices on Ebay can be somewhat bonkers just set you self a limit and keep trying as there are plenty of auctions.
    The escort is a 'Sword class frigate'
    The Cruiser is a 'Dauntless class light Cruiser' with prow Torpedos

  3. Ah nice one cheers guys!

    Picked up another 5 Cruisers and 4 Cobra Destroyers off eBay the other day, so I think I've got enough to go work with for now. The rules set seems a bit 'bitty' with not much structure....kinda hard to follow, but I'll get there

    Think the BFG will really supplement the 30k campaign well!

    1. Look for the 2010 FAQ document online. it tidies some things up. also there are plenty more ship lists and bits online from the various digital and released updates GW did.

  4. Love to see BFG models out here on the internet. Great work on these, a very striking paint scheme, will be very nice to see on a space board.