Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tyranid Capillary Towers....Have Multiplied!

The capillary towers have been quietly multiplying over the past few weeks.... almost enough terrain for a 6x4 table now. There are still 2 large towers waiting to be painted. 

Some baby towers bulked up the numbers nicely!

I really like the 'ruined' towers! The only reason these were made is because i broke the polystyrene by mistake!

And of course, the Spore Chimney. One day i will do a second one of these, but with an Apocalypse game coming up at the end of May (of which i'm providing a great deal of terrain!) ill be focusing on other projects. Namely the recently neglected Imperator Bridge!

I also attended a small local doubles tournament in March (which we came unexpectedly 2nd!) at which the Towers got a look it. Here they are in (in)action!

More terrain, and hopefully Legion Death guard, soon!

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