Thursday, 6 February 2014

Carnifex Crush! New Additions to the Swarm!

So the other day I thought I'd beef up my 'Nid list a bit. With the drop in price for Carnifex's, it seemed like the best place to start. I managed to pick up 2 new Carnifex's for £24 each (bargain!) from my FLGS, and i had another one already which i ripped the arms and head off! I'll run the 3 as a Brood.

This is the one I had already, which I removed the arms and head off. I want to arm him with 2 Twin Linked Devourers, but I only have Deathspitters at the moment which I'll proxy for now.

This is one of the new ones armed with actual Devourers - the so called 'DakkaFex'!

To complete the Brood I've included a Crusher Fex, armed with Crushing Claws and Scything Talons. He is my tank and Fortification killer!

I took the time to magnetise the arms on all of the Fex's:

The magnets fitted perfectly into the sockets, so no work required there.

The arms required some minor alteration to get the angle right for when they're attached to the arms, but otherwise it was straight forward.

3 Fex's should be enough for my army needs, and with the ability to swap out the weapons arms, they should be all the Fex's I need! With any luck i'lll get to run them out this week and see how much havoc (and fear!) they create!

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