Friday, 13 March 2015

Blessings of the Omissiah: Questoris Knight Acheron Complete!

If you have been following my Twitter feed you will have seen some more WIP pics on this model (which has been playing up a bit so if you haven't seen pictures, sorry!) If not, here is the finished product!

This is my second Knight, the first being aligned with the Legio Astorum Titan Legion. This Acheron is firmly aligned with the Mechanicum!

This is an aggressive variant of the Questoris Knight, so i wanted to make sure its pose reflected that. I gave it a forward striding pose with an outstretched Flamestorm Cannon - to make it look like it was burning someones face off!!

The Flamestorm Cannon. Its S7 AP3 Hellstorm template is a bone-a-fie Legionary killer!

The Reaper Chainfist. This guy gives e re-rolls of 1 on the Destroyer Table, perfect for taking on other Super Heavies.

The red was built up fro black with 3 different shades of red. II haven't tried such a stark contrast before, but I'll definitely use it in the future. I may even transfer it to the rest of the Mechanicum force.

The fuel tanks for the Flamestorm cannon. I made these a little oily with some Seraphim Sepia Wash.

The same mild oil effect was applied to the joints and pistons on the legs. Other than that, the Knight is quite clean!!

I went a bit mad with the magnets - i used 14 in total! The shoulders, elbows, waist and fuel hose were magnetised for easier transportation.

This was a great model to build and paint and couldn't put it down (i was regularly shouted at by Mrs GunGrave for spending to much time on it!!) I also have a Knight Lancer in the wings as well that somehow  made it  onto the Acheron order....Very much looking forward to that build!

The GunGrave

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  1. Very nice - you certainly hit the sweet spot with the posing.