Friday, 20 July 2012

I Think my Hobby Mojo just Twitched.....

After weeks of staring at my favourite models for inspiration, assembling new Necron vehicles, and reading through the 6th Edition rules, my lazy gaze finally fell upon my baby-  Heretics Bane!

For those of you who didn't follow its construction, you can see the finished unpainted product here.

This is whats going to get my hobby going again! It hasn't really gone that far yet, but i just got it undercoated yesterday!

I'll also be getting the Twin Linked AA Autocanon turrets done as well!

I'm feeling good about this one!

The GunGrave


  1. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing it all come together - I love that building!

  2. Awesome work! Nice wip posts also, are you recasting the CoD panels in resin? I've thought about doing that myself (for personal use, of course), and have wondered how they reproduce.

  3. Nice piece for the battlefield.