Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Birth of the New Forge!

Well, sort of....Its still an embryo!

The house move is complete and we're finally in, after a grueling 12 hours of moving. The whole house needs gutting really, and every surface needs stripping, plastering and repainting. Many months of hard work ahead i'm afraid!

Which of course includes my new Forge! When we were looking for houses we had to get one with a basement (i threatened Mrs GunGrave with taking over another double bedroom if we didn't!) We succeeded with our search and found one with a sizable basement.

Though i have to admit, the broken glass and the bolt lock on the OUTSIDE of the door left me a little disconcerted...what did the previous owners keep down there???

Your in trouble if your tall here!

Some random pillars which will be removed. All 4 structural engineers who've seen it were like WTF?? It will give me a lot more space once they're removed.

So this is the fate of my hobby for the moment, boxed up! As you can see, its a pretty big basement. 33 meters in fact!

I'm in the process of finalising the quote for the conversion with the conversion company. However, as the costs were mostly in the region of £15,000 for a full conversion (yikes!) I've decided to just get the basic's done and finish it off myself. The basement floor will be removed, drainage systems put in, re-floored with concrete, and the walls sealed with a damp proof membrane. just that lot is nearly £6,000!!!

So to reduce cost i'll be finishing it off myself. I'll be doing the stud walls and plaster board, the new ceiling and tiling of the floor which will give me something to get my teeth into. Not sure how long it will take, but i'm aiming for completion by the end of the year.

But i won't be waiting that long to get into my hobby again! I bought myself a cheap desk and set up shop in the corner of the dining room!

Not to bad once i got it all kitted out.

To get back into the swing of things (its been at least 2 months since i painted anything!) I've unpacked some Alpha Legion Tactical Marines and some Infinity to warm me up again. It'll return to me soon enough.

So the bulk of the blog updates will probably be building related ones as the basement starts to be pulled to pieces! I'll try to get many models up in the meantime. 

More soon.

The GunGrave

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Interruption to Service...

Its been in the pipeline for a while now, but me and Mrs GunGrave have bought ourselves a house!! Its our first house, and thanks to being in senior positions in our respective workplaces, we've been able to bag ourselves a good one! Most importantly, it has a rather large basement, perfect for my new hobby cave!

However, before this hobby wet-dream can come true, we need to move. This means i'm having to shut down the Forge for the relocation and while my new Forge is being renovated.

The basement requires damp proofing, plastering, a new ceiling plus lighting and a new floor installed. It also needs new windows (pesky UK fire regulations...) Its no small task, but i have builders coming in 2 days after we get the keys for quotes! No messing around here, i want this new Forge operational ASAP!

In the meantime enjoy the hobby content that will remain on AGGTG, and i hope to be back online in a few months. I may be able to sneak on pics of the building work as it happens, so watch this space!

The GunGrave

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Infinity - ALEPH Naga with Monofilament Mines

With the Infinity ITS tournament just around the corner, its time to keep pumping out those Aleph units. 

One of the most important things to do in an Infinity game is to control the moments of the enemy soldiers as much as possible. A great way to do that is with mines! Monofilament ones tend to be particularly nasty, and the model is quite nice as well!

I was a bit more restrained with the shading of the black on this model, and tried to keep it to the very apex of the shaded areas. This would help me create better contrast.

Hopefully he'll be clogging up the enemy advance very soon!

The GunGrave

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Infinity - ALEPH Agema with Multi Sniper Rifle

Once the Deva was completed, i ran out of models for my Aleph, so it was time to go shopping!

One of the big problems i've had in games is loosing men to ARO's, especially from snipers! Time to get some revenge of my own! An Agema with Multi Sniper Rifle should fit the bill nicely (and its a lovely model to boot)

I really enjoyed painting this guy. Everything just felt like it came together really well, and i was super happy with the end result!

Lets just hope he performs in games!

The GunGrave

Friday, 20 May 2016

Infinity: ALEPH Deva

The next step on the Infinity train is the Deva from the boxed set.

Deva's are the 'human' face of Aleph, assigned to or tactical liaison roles. In game terms, they are a cheap lieutenant, and can also take a synchronized Devabot for fun!

As they are the human face of the Aleph, i used darker, more realistic skin tones for her, rather than the pale synthetic look the other models have.

The detail on this model is comparatively basic to what I've done so far. It was still a fun model to paint though!

The GunGrave

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Coils of the Hydra: Tactical Squad Pt1

So a quick break from all the Infinity madness lately in the form of some Tactical Marines for my budding Alpha Legion.

I split the painting of the squad into 2 to make sure i could get them done in one sitting. The first 5 came out pretty good considering the time it took!

I'll probably use the next set of Tac' marines to break up the Infinity painting. I've rather enthusiastically signed up for an Infinity ITS tournament in June, so I've got a lot to get done before then!

The GunGrave

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Infinity: ALEPH Dakini Tacbots

While the proverbial Infinity iron was still hot, i've decided to crack on with my 3 Dakini Tacbots from the starter set.

These are the basic line troopers for the Aleph. Points wise they're reasonably cheap and come in a variety of flavors. These are the basic Combi Rifle flavor. I applied all the airbrush work as a batch, then did the detailing individually.

The reverse of the models are all done the same, so here's a sample of one, and also a closer shot of  the front.

The completion of these three Dakini's gives me a small but playable force to practice with! I've only had a few small games just to get the feel of the game, but i'm loving it so far!

More soon.

The GunGrave