Friday, 28 April 2017

Dropfleet Commander!

The day had finally come! I missed the boat on the Kickstarter for Dropfleet so had been keeping my eye on it ever since. I was stoked to see it in Hawk Wargames online shop (again a bit late to that party i suspect) so ordered it straight away! I had it before the week was out.

I did want to do an 'unboxing'post, but i'm afraid my excitment got the better of  me and i went to work on the ships straight away! I started with the Frigates.

There were 4 Frigates in the box which contained the starter fleets for UCM and the Scourge. The quaity is excellent and included plenty of detail. There are 5 different configurations for the UCM frigates on the sprue, and i was keen to take advantage of them all.

A lot of the parts for the Frigates slot and click together so snugly that no glue is needed making the options interchangable. I'm not sure if this was intended, but either way it works well! Here you can see the spines of the Frigates which are also interchangeable depending on what variant you want to run.

(the hole in the side of the hull was drilled initially for magnets, which i found i didn't need)

The sides of the ship are the same, cllicking in nicely to the main hull.

Although there is tones of detail on the Frigates, they are quite small, especially when your used to painting 28mm figures! I would need a way to mount and paint them. Toothpicks are your friend here! I drilled some holes into some wod blocks and glued toothpicks into them.

I drilled a small hole into the rear of the frigates and mounted them on the toothpicks. The holes in the hulls would be covered by the spines when assembled, so they wouldn't be seen.

I did the same for the sides of the Frigates! This bit takes a bit of time to do, but you get it back when painting.

I painted up two of the hulls to get a feel for the scheme. I was going roughly for the box art scheme for the UCM.

I did have a change of heart afterwards though, and tried another scheme with a more bluey-grey basecoat. I went back to the origional scheme afterwards though! Sometimes you just need to scratch that itch.

Its great to be this excited about a game and the minis again! I havent even read the rules yet! ore on this very soon!

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